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Who We Are

We know that medicine can integrate healthy ideas and habits that will help you get well sooner and stay healthy longer.

We know this because we see it everyday!!! Being pain-free is just scratching the surface of true health.

"That is why we want to help you and your family get well, stay out of pain and live a great quality of life. We have experienced health problems in our family and seen our friends experience health problems just like everyone. We think that the marjority of the time you can be helped without taking drugs or doing surgeries. Our community challenge to you is to join the movement of healthy people and families that are investing in their health so that you can live the awesome life that you expect to live!!!" -Dr. Mike

Our Promise

Our office is designed and trains to do the best we can to help people get out of pain and then become healthy. Our commitment is to lifelong learning so we can stay at the leading edge of healthcare.

People who come to our office are treated like family because we would want our family members to receive the best healthcare possible.

We stay awake at night (sometimes) trying to think of the best solution for you. And we will use our resources to reinvest into bringing in the best solutions we know of to help you in our office.

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Treatments and Services

Patients seek medical treatment at our office for any disability, disease or illness that has impaired the performance of their muscles, bones and joints. Our staff is trained to provide a range of medical services to people suffering from injuries or illnesses that have affected their quality of life, the way they move, get around or perform tasks.

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