Adolescent Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ

Adolescent Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ

Adolescent Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ at Aligned Life is now available and it is designed to help you avoid surgery if you have scoliosis.  Dr. Banman of Aligned Life has focused his training on conservative spinal correction and pursued techniques from around the world to help his patients. "I have been in practice for 17 years and as I continue to find effective conservative methods around the world to help people correct their spines it is surprising to me how we still use the wait and see until it is time for surgery methods for scoliosis curvatures in the United States."


Effective Adolescent Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ begins with understanding how a scoliosis progresses and getting ahead of the increase in curvature before it grows aggressively.  " I have seen curves grow as much as 35 degrees in 3 months in teenagers because that is the time when the body is really going through its most aggressive growth spurt." -Dr. Banman

Scoliosis can be found early if a parent or a child personally notices changes in the height of one of their shoulders or their shoulder blades.  The waist fold can quickly start to change when the spinal curvatures increase.  A simple test can be found on Aligned Life to see if you or anyone in your family has any of the signs of scoliosis.  


It is strongly advised to seek Adolescent Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ before the spine has a chance to fully grow and develop so that you can have the right solutions to limit the growth of abnormal curvatures in the spine.  

Aligned Life can give you the tools you need to try to avoid surgery and progression of scoliosis curves.  Call now. 

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