Best Scoliosis Treatment in Gilbert, AZ

Best Scoliosis Treatment in Gilbert, AZ

 The Best Scoliosis Treatment in Gilbert, AZ is now available to infants, children, adolescents and adults to help them avoid scoliosis surgery and use a corrective approach to manage the problems of scoliosis.  




For the past number of years the North American model of scoliosis care has been to "watch and wait" but this has been shown to allow scoliosis curvatures in the spine to progress quickly.  On average a scoliosis will progress 1.0-1.5 degrees per year.  This means that over a 20 year span a curve can become 20-30 degrees greater if it is left unchecked. 

The Best Scoliosis Treatment in Gilbert, AZ uses conservative methods like SEAS (Scientific Exercise Approach for Scoliosis), spinal remodeling with spinal rehab and bracing to help a patient achieve a more normal shape and appearance to their spine.  


Dr. Michael Banman of Aligned Life Medical is certified in SEAS I and SEAS II which is a system that has been researched and published in the peer reviewed literature on scoliosis.  It was developed in Milan, Italy where conservative management of scoliosis has been recognized as the method of treatment for decades if not centuries.  

The Best Scoliosis Treatment in Gilbert, AZ at Aligned Life Medical also uses mirror-image spinal remolding to bring flexibility and strength back to spines that are scoliotic or have become degenerated to the point that they acquire scoliosis.  These techniques are only practiced by a handful of doctors around the world but they are backed by research and have proven effective to help relieve pain, improve spinal positioning, increase the strength of the spine and most importantly improve the aesthetics and appearance of an individual that has scoliosis.  



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