Care for Scoliosis Curvatures in Tempe, AZ

Care for Scoliosis Curvatures in Tempe, AZ

Aligned Life has Care for Scoliosis Curvatures in Tempe, AZ that includes scoliosis specific exercises, spinal remolding, chiropractic care and Scolibrace 3D bracing.  It is essential that when you are searching for scoliosis care that you consider a number of important steps to help improve the curvatures in your spine. 


1. You must measure your spine to Care for Scoliosis Curvatures in Tempe, AZ.  This means that finding out your curve numbers should be a priority, it should not be a guess.  Visual inspection of your posture is good but it does not quantify a starting point for you to measure from as you attempt to correct your curvatures.  X-rays are an acceptable part of a care plan that measures scoliosis curves.  

2.  Your curvatures should be monitored regularly by a Doctor that has a practice focus on scoliosis.  The "wait and see" method of care is old school.  It does not create the best outcomes for conservative care because at worst it is meant to put someone on a track for surgery.  This means that if you want to avoid surgery that you should consistently be doing something proactive to help your spine stabilize. 


3. Care for Scoliosis Curvatures in Tempe, AZ should have a goal of stabilizing the curves in your spine.  Curves should be measured for stability and flexibility to determine which types of care are going to be effective for your spine.  When a spine is unstable it becomes more challenging to correct unless specific points can be stabilized.  

Aligned Life has a practice focus on Scoliosis correction.  Dr. Michael Banman has been helping infants, children, adolescents and even adults with scoliosis in the East Valley since he relocated from Canada where he practiced for 15 years.  

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