Chiropractic in Tempe, AZ

Chiropractic in Tempe, AZ






Chiropractic in Tempe, AZ is becoming popular for people to experience relief from low back pain and neck pain.  Aligned Life Medical takes it to the next level.  Dr. Michael Banman is an experienced chiropractor who has recently moved from Canada to help people in the Valley.  Aligned Life Medical is located 1/2 block from Arizona State Univeristy because Dr. Banman worked closely with athletes at the Olympics and he supports Olympic Hopefuls training at ASU.  





Chiropractic in Tempe, AZ works to initially get people out of pain but it is so much more than that. Athletes use chiropractic as a performance enhancer.  This means that when they get out of pain they continue to be adjusted so that they can avoid painful conditions in the future.  The nervous system controls all health and healing in the body and chiropractic removes any changes in the nervous system so that the body can rid itself of painful conditions and work to make itself healthy.


A great choice for Chiropractic in Tempe, AZ can include a thorough examination, X-rays and a report of findings. The most important part of your care should be a detailed plan about how your body is working and how it can be remodeled. Regular check-ups with progress should be the goal of a purposeful chiropractic plan. 




Whether it is a pain relief care plan or a health performance chiropractic plan Dr. Banman at Aligned Life Medical can help you and your family by determining the cause of your problem and creating a plan suited to your needs. 




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