Complete Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ

Complete Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ

 Complete Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ consists of three things that help a person determine how much scoliosis they have and what is needed to specifically correct their posture.  


Scoliosis acts differently for the most part in each individual case.  Complete Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ uses 3 steps to determine how to care for a scoliosis  in babies, young children, adolescents and adults.  

#1. A thorough exam including posture analysis, range of motion, ATR angle, TRACE method and X-rays to measure angles and flexibility of the curve(s). 

#2. A customized care plan including scoliosis specific exercises, physical therapy, chiropractic, bracing and spinal remolding.  

#3. Consistent re-evaluation and monitoring of scoliosis so that people can achieve their desired outcomes. 

 Complete Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ should involve health care practitioners who focus on scoliosis because it does behave differently than the average spine.  At Aligned Life Medical it is not uncommon to see patients with spinal curvatures that have progressed by 10-30 degrees in a matter of weeks or months.  It is important that your practitioner knows how to handle scoliosis specifically so that they can do the best possible job to stabilize the curves that are associated with scoliosis.  


Aligned Life Medical practitioners have studied in the US and internationally to receive specific scoliosis training that helps patient's achieve their goals with scoliosis.  Due to the rising number of adults that have scoliosis ALM has made it a priority and a focus to continue to follow up on the most current work on scoliosis to be able to better serve their community.  If you suspect that you or someone in your life has scoliosis it is important that you get proactive with it.  We'd love to help!


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