Complete Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ

Complete Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ

Aligned Life Medical provides Complete Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ.

Scoliosis has become the fastest growing spinal degenerative condition in adults over 55.  This means that Scoliosis does not only happen in young people but it also grows worse over time. In babies, children and adolescents scoliosis is often called idiopathic or it comes from an unknown origin. This is not the case with scoliosis for adults. Adult scoliosis is a result of degeneration over a long period of time. 

Complete Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ should address the instability that occurs in all forms of scoliosis.  Instability increases as a scoliotic curve increases in size. This happens when ligaments in the spine lose their integrity and allow the bones of the spine to shift out of their normal growing positions.  This affects how the spine moves everyday and puts more pressure on the ligaments.  This accelerated the progression of curves in scoliosis.

In order to receive drugless, non-surgical Complete Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ a proper determination of how flexible the scoliosis curves are must be determined. This becomes more important if a curve is above 25 degrees. Specific X rays are used to find how much stiffness the curvature has when different positions are attempted by the person with the scoliosis. 

It is hard to imagine that a spine could quickly lose its stability because of all the muscles, ligaments and tendons that support it but in clinical practice a spine can quickly grow 20-30 degrees in a few months. 

Aligned Life Medical has a practice focused on helping care for people with scoliosis and educating the community about how to look for scoliosis in their friends and family members. 

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