Do Stem Cells Work in Fountain Hills, AZ

Do Stem Cells Work in Fountain Hills, AZ

Do Stem Cells Work in Fountain Hills, AZ is a great question that we get asked at the Wellness Center daily.  In order to fully answer that question it is crucial to understand the 4 things that Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) have been shown to do.  

1. Reduce inflammation- Regenerative products have cytokine activity that help curb inflammation and stem cells play a role in this anti-inflammatory process. 

2. Decrease Scar Tissue- Because of the anti-inflammatory effects of regenerative products and stem cells there is a natural tendency to have a reduction in inflammation which leads to less scar tissue in a damaged area. 

3. Increased growth of New Tissue- Regenerative products and stem cells are an acceleration of the signals to the brain that cause healing in the body.  You use approximately 99% of your stem cells that you are born with for growth and repair during the first 40 years of your life.  Adding regenerative products through procedures allows for increased signals to the brain to heal your body.  

4. Immune System Modulation- MSC function to donate energy and help create new connections to the individual's immune system that is receiving the regenerative product Do Stem Cells Work in Fountain Hills, AZ.



Most patients want to know Do Stem Cells Work in Fountain Hills, AZ before they proceed with care.  If you have an understanding of what Regenerative products and stem cells do in the body it should help you make a better choice.  If you want to see if you would be a good candidate for Regenerative Therapies call (480) 314-2262 for a FREE consultation.  

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