Effective Scoliosis Care in Scottsdale, AZ

Effective Scoliosis Care in Scottsdale, AZ

Effective Scoliosis Care in Scottsdale, AZ is available to help those that are trying to avoid surgical procedures.  Scoliosis must be measured and determined to be in a certain range in order to find the correct treatment that is required to pursue a non-surgical care plan. The BrAIST study demonstrated the effectiveness of bracing for Scoliosis. Non-surgical approaches help improve the appearance of someone dealing with Scoliosis without the scars and disfiguratuon that comes as a result of surgery.  



Effective Scoliosis Care in Scottsdale, AZ at Aligned Life Medical uses exercises to help change the appearance of the spine over time.  Many scoliosis patients suffer with confidence issues related to their appearance because of the twisting and bending that happens as a result of scoliosis.  This causes the shoulder blades to be more prominent on one side of the back. The ribs also push backwards and cause an asymmetric appearance. The most effective care for Scoliosis seek to address appearance issues and all other emotional and mental issues surrounding scoliosis as well as the structural part of Scoliosis.


Dr. Michael Banman has a practice that emphasizes scoliosis care. His support of Effective Scoliosis Care in Scottsdale, AZ has led him to study conservative management of Scoliosis methods from Europe where Scoliosis surgery is not as commonly prescribed as it is in the US.  Dr. Banman has a goal to help those that want to explore non-surgical methods to stabilize scoliotic spines. 


The number one reason people seek care for Scoliosis is to improve their appearance. At Aligned Life Medical the staff is committed to helping patients achieve their goals.




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