Elderly Scoliosis Care In Gilbert, AZ

Elderly Scoliosis Care In Gilbert, AZ

Elderly Scoliosis Care In Gilbert, AZ could be used by up to 50% of the population if they recognized that their problems were actually caused by degeneration of their spinal curvatures.  Adult degenerative scoliosis has been found to affect almost 1 in 2 people around the country.  It typically presents in unusual ways so people may not recognize that they have scoliosis because of their symptoms. 


Elderly Scoliosis Care In Gilbert, AZ in most cases is sought out because of physical changes in appearance.  Unusual symptoms of an unrecognized degenerative scoliosis in people over the age of 50 can be back pain, leg weakness, muscle stiffness in the back and legs, incontinence, impotence, bowel and digestive disturbances and many other symptoms that are related to the nerves that exit the spine.  Unless X-rays are performed it would be easy to miss these signs of scoliosis. 

Elderly Scoliosis Care In Gilbert, AZ requires an examination that includes determining how stable the curves in the spine are and measuring how large the curvatures from degeneration have become.  The fact that the nerves in the back which control all function and healing in the body are compromised is a major reason why people should consistently be checked to see if their spines are losing stability.  Conservative (non-surgical) options exist that people who suspect scoliosis in their backs should explore before considering surgery.  The spine requires care throughout life and many times the spine does not receive the attention it needs to stay strong over the course of a lifetime.  This is evidenced by the staggering amount of adult scoliosis in the population (almost 1 in 2). 


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