Health and Chiropractic Adjustments in Gilbert, AZ

Health and Chiropractic Adjustments in Gilbert, AZ

Aligned Life Medical promotes Health and Chiropractic Adjustments in Gilbert, AZ.  Dr. Michael Banman relocated from Canada in 2018 after 15 years in clinical practice helping families receive care to improve the function of their spine and nervous system.  The intimate connection between the spine and the nervous system has been studied and practiced for years through chiropractic care.  Many families report they have seen an improvement in how their bodies work after receiving chiropractic care. 


Health and Chiropractic Adjustments in Gilbert, AZ is not a focus that everyone has heard of or understands.  It begins by understanding some basic anatomy and physiology.  The brain has central control over the nervous system so we call it the master control system and include it with the spinal cord and the nerve roots along the spine to call it the Central Nervous System(CNS).  The CNS has control over all health and healing in the body.  When the CNS functions at a high level then the whole body works at a higher level of function.  Chiropractors use this knowledge of the human anatomy to develop care plans for people that come into their offices.  

The shape of your spine and how it moves daily helps create good nerve messages sent through the spinal cord so Health and Chiropractic Adjustments in Gilbert, AZ make chiropractic an important if not the MOST important part of your health plan.  Adjustments help promote the nerves to send signals that are improved or increased or decreased depending on where the body needs to be moved towards: a more balanced, relaxed or stimulated state.  


A proper consultation can determine if chiropractic can be helpful for you and your family.  Schedule your online consultation today or call us to come into the office to be checked for how chiropractic adjustments can help you.  

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