Important Scoliosis Care in Chandler, AZ

Important Scoliosis Care in Chandler, AZ

People looking for Important Scoliosis Care in Chandler, AZ have an excellent source now at Aligned Life Medical. 

Scoliosis has traditionally been seen in girls between the age of 8 and 18 years of age but that demographic is changing. 



"Although Scoliosis makes up about 1.5-3% of the young population it has grown to, in some instances 50% of the adult population

over the age of 55. This is troubling because that means it is going unchecked and then developing over the course of many years." reports

Dr. Michael Banman.  



Adult degenerative scoliosis is one of the most common new complaints that the doctor sees at Aligned Life Medical.  Important Scoliosis Care in Chandler, AZ

is required for people that have noticed a change in the appearance of their back but also people who have back pain, leg weakness and loss of strength.  

Many people started to shrink as they get older due to compression and collapse of the spine.  "With scoliosis we see a lateral listhesis of the bones and this

creates instability.  Instability can cause major problems as people age because they lose their strength and balance.  Losing strength and balance can cause

falls and we don't ever want to see people injury themselves falling as they age." 



Important Scoliosis Care in Chandler, AZ should also be used in people who are younger because when scoliosis is monitored it can grow at a rate of 1-1.5 degrees

per year.  This means that if you start with a 11 degree curve when you are 10 years of age it can be over 30 and possibly over 40 degrees by the time you reach 30 years

of age.  Scoliosis of the spine is diagnosed when looking from the front to the back of a person measures 10 degrees.  Scoliosis spinal surgeries can be performed when a 

curve reaches between 50 and 60 degrees. 


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