New Scoliosis Treatments in Tempe, AZ

New Scoliosis Treatments in Tempe, AZ

New Scoliosis Treatments in Tempe, AZ is available at Aligned Life Medical. 


Dr. Michael Banman has had a practice focus on spinal correction since 2003 and his abilities to correct spines has allowed him to be a doctor at the Olympics, numerous World and domestic Championships and the World CrossFit Games. 

In the past few years Dr. Banman has shifted his practice focus to helping people with scoliosis get their posture stabilized.   Scoliosis is a distortion of spinal postures that affect how the spine moves and grows. Although it only affects a small number of the population that are checked when they are young it is seen in up to 50% of the the elderly population.


Proactive analysis and examination is the key to New Scoliosis Treatments in Tempe, AZ because it is required to see if there is a scoliosis, how excessive the curves are and how quickly they are progressing. Regular care with a chiropractor who has a practice focus on spinal curvatures and spinal posture correction is the best way to monitor your spine.  


New Scoliosis Treatments in Tempe, AZ DOES NOT involve the wait and see method of care. This method is only effective when the goal is to have surgery. This old school method has not surprisingly allowed a lot of patients with curves to grow uncontrolled in a short period of time. Patients that have taken this approach in our office are extremely disappointed when their curves grow 30 degrees in 3-4 months. 

Like all health care and all physical properties it is better done. Proactive care methods win. It is easier to course correct along the way than It is to wait and see when it comes to progressing scoliosis curvatures. 

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