Number One Scoliosis Treatment in Tempe, AZ

Number One Scoliosis Treatment in Tempe, AZ

Number One Scoliosis Treatment in Tempe, AZ is available at Aligned Life Medical.  

Scoliosis care begins as a minor group of the population but the most recent research shows that after the age of 50 there are over 40 percent of the population affected by scoliosis.  This happens because scoliosis often goes undetected and people do not receive Number One Scoliosis Treatment in Tempe, AZ.  




Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis is probably the most commonly known form of spinal curvature.  Many people are told that they may have this when they are younger because of changes in how the back and ribs look.  This may affect 3-10% of the population.  IT can be easily screened using a simple bending exam called the Adam's Test.  

The problem is more complex in Infantile Scoliosis and Juvenile Scoliosis.  In younger children it may be harder to observe abnormal curvatures unless they are very big.  If an observant parent views a curve in a smaller child or a baby it is imperative that they get checked for spinal changes but also for underlying pathology.  

All three of these abnormal curves require Number One Scoliosis Treatment in Tempe, AZ but the most serious problem at the current time is affecting elderly people.  This type of scoliosis is called Adult Degenerative Scoliosis or "De Novo" scoliosis.   It happens when the spine becomes unstable because of a sideways shift of vertebra called Lateral Listhesis.  This type of scoliosis can show up as back pain, leg muscle weakness, heavy feeling legs or neuropathy in the legs and feet.  This scoliosis requires a brace ASAP.  



Aligned Life Medical has staff that have been dealing with scoliosis problems for 17 years and have learned the correct treatments and correct application for treatments of all of the scoliosis problems mentioned above. 


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