Proactive Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ

Proactive Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ

Aligned Life has developed Proactive Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ over the past 17 years in clinical practice by studying methods from around the world and putting them into practice to help people.  Dr. Banman has a practice focus on corrective spinal work and he has owned clinics in Canada prior to settling in the East Valley to help people with scoliosis. 


Proactive Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ is the treatment of choice now for scoliosis.  After a study called BRAIST was released showing that the simple intervention of bracing was so successful that it caused people to not require surgery people have become more aware of the potential to help scoliosis instead of waiting and potentially facing surgical procedures.  


Proactive Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ must be accurately used by first providing someone with a scoliosis based examination.  This examination should determine if the person has a stable spine or if there is instability in the curves.  The greater and more unstable that curvatures of the spine are the more risk there is of progression.  Progression of scoliosis curvatures is the worst case scenario for many reasons.  When scoliosis curves progress in the spine more instability is created and there can be a loss of physical posture and physical strength.  


Most people seek scoliosis care that is conservative to help fix their posture.  The curving and twisting of the spine can cause and rounding of the rib cage and an asymmetrical looking back.  When conservative care is applied this could be improved and help with a more stable spinal appearance.  

Aligned Life will consult with you to determine what could work for you to help improve the stability of your scoliosis when you respond below.  

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