Professional Chiropractic Care in Tempe, AZ

Professional Chiropractic Care in Tempe, AZ

Professional Chiropractic Care in Tempe, AZ is available at Aligned Life Medical close to Arizona State University. 

Chiropractic uses the body's natural healing systems to help painful or compromised areas heal.  The best way to receive appropriate chiropractic care is to understand how the biomechanics of the spine affect your health so that you can determine which type of care you will choose for your problem. 


There are typically two schools of thought concerning Professional Chiropractic Care in Tempe, AZ .  There is a model that is designed to help you when you are in pain and want to get out of it quickly.  It is typically referred to as a pain-relief model.  It is reactionary to different symptoms that occur to you at different points in your life.  

The second way to use chiropractic is as a health improvement or wellness system.  This is designed to help the bio mechanics of your body continue to work effectively over the course of your entire life.  It is referred to as a preventative or proactive model. 

"In 17 years of chiropractic adjusting I have seen many people get out of pain quickly.  This is really a great way to avoid drugs and surgery. On the flip side it is hard to measure all the problems that the thousands of patients that I have adjusted over the years have avoided because they did not wait until they were in pain to use chiropractic care." -Dr. Michael Banman  ALIGNED LIFE MEDICAL

Professional Chiropractic Care in Tempe, AZ is also available in Gilbert and Scottsdale.  

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