Professional Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ

Professional Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ

Professional Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ is found at Aligned Life Medical close to Arizona State University. 

Scoliosis is a progressing curvature in the front to back view of a person's spine which grows at a rate of 1.0 to 1.5 degrees per year. 

When a scoliosis gets more significant over time it requires Professional Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ.  




There are only a handful of options available to treat scoliosis.  They include surgery, scoliosis specific exercises, wait and see approach 

and bracing.  Aligned life Medical uses two of those techniques to help people avoid surgery for their scoliosis.  ALM uses a system of exercise 

called Scientific Approach for Scoliosis Exercise and 3 Dimensional Over-corrective bracing.  These systems help improve the appearance of 

the patient and when caught early can help a person avoid the extensive spinal surgery that has been the traditional model. 


Dr. Banman of Aligned Life Medical has received extra training from Europe in how to conservatively manage scoliosis.  Europeans do not

utilize the "wait and see" approach or surgery as frequently as North American physicians do which allows Dr. Banman to intervene earlier 

and see great results with his patients over the past 17 years.  


"If you notice that you or your child have some changes in your appearance along the spine or some unbalanced posture come into our office and we 

will do an evaluation to ensure they are avoiding a problem that can progress at a rapid rate." Professional Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ


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