Regenerative Medicine for Pain Relief in Fountain Hills, AZ

Regenerative Medicine for Pain Relief in Fountain Hills, AZ

There is a lot of information regarding Regenerative Medicine for Pain Relief in Fountain Hills, AZ.  Testimonials and anecdotal stories about whether or not Regenerative products, stem cells or platelet rich plasma (PRP) are being told everyday by friends, family and neighbors who have experienced this type of care.  It is important to clear up the idea of what regenerative medicine does in order to determine if it has done what it is supposed to do. 


The majority of feelings that are expressed about Regenerative Medicine for Pain Relief in Fountain Hills, AZ is the focus on pain relief.  This is reasonable and to a certain degree expected with any type of treatment.  The problem occurs when the regenerative treatments work but the pain does not completely go away.  Many people who seek Regenerative care with products that may contain stem cells expect that their pain will immediately go away.  This can be unrealistic and should be discussed with your health care provider before the care is administered.  

In order for Regenerative Medicine for Pain Relief in Fountain Hills, AZ to be successful there are 4 components of in the healing process that need to be worked on: 

1. Inflammation- inflammation is responsible for a lot of the pain you feel

2. Structure- damaged tissue structure produces inflammation

3. Structural Integrity- the strength of the structure will determine future healing 

4. Regeneration of tissue- cells must be healthy to make healthy new tissue 

It is essential that when you begin a regenerative therapy care plan that you understand that if these 4 components of care for your problem are not addressed then you may not get the results you expect.  

We will discuss these 4 components to care in future articles or you can call (480) 314-2262 for more information. 

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