Regenerative Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ

Regenerative Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ

Regenerative Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ is the practice of using procedures that help the body regenerate. Regenerate means to form new tissue.  


Regenerative Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ is different from surgery because surgery tries to cut out damaged tissue or manually repair injured tissue.  This can cause both good and bad tissue to be formed as result of surgical procedures.  Medications try to stop the formation of tissue by blocking chemical reactions in the body.  Both of these treatment types have side effects that people are more regularly choosing to avoid.  Regenerative medicine is the newest form of care that uses cells to create signals to heal in the human body.  

The reason Regenerative Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ has become so popular is because there are few side effects to this type of care and the healing and recovery time seems quick compared to medications and surgery.  Regenerative medicine procedures include products like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Wharton's Jelly, Amniotic tissue and other things like BioTE bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that can help the body achieve better balance.  To see if you are a candidate for regenerative medicine there are specific tests that are performed in the clinic that help the doctors and health care practitioners give you a care plan.  If you are suffering from a lack of good results from traditional treatments I suggest you get tested to see if you qualify for regenerative medicine therapies because many patients are getting their quality of life back using it.  


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