Scolibrace Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ

Scolibrace Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ

Scolibrace Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ at Aligned Life Medical is a way to stabilize scoliosis curvatures of the spine without using surgery.  

Developed in Australia, ScoliBrace™ is an evolution of the traditional rigid spinal orthosis.  3D imaging software called BraceScan™ utilizes precision laser scans of the patient that are accurate to less than a millimetre; these 3D laser scans allow precise models of the patient’s body to be created.  This data, along with X-rays of the spine and a detailed clinical and postural examination, allow a brace to be custom made that is designed to fit the patient perfectly and reduce their spinal deformity with Scolibrace Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ.



Unlike the older generations of spinal braces, a ScoliBrace™ is designed to position the patient in an over-corrected position that is essentially the “mirror-image” of the patient’s original deformity, which results in reduction of the abnormal curvatures in the majority of cases in addition to decreasing rib humping, shoulder unleveling, and other postural distortions.  In most cases the overall posture and appearance of the patient’s body is greatly improved using Scolibrace Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ.


The ScoliBrace is used to treat a wide variety of spinal deformities such as scoliosis and hyperkyphosis in both children and adults.  This medically necessary spinal orthosis is not designed to be used during sports and is not an athletic support.

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