Scoliosis Bracing in Tempe, AZ

Scoliosis Bracing in Tempe, AZ

Scoliosis Bracing in Tempe, AZ is a great option to avoid surgery and improve the appearance of the back.  

Scoliosis occurs in 3% of the adolescent population but it increases to over 40% of the older population.  This condition can

play a major factor in the appearance of the person with scoliosis.  The majority of people that seek out surgery do so to

improve the aesthetics of their body.  The downfall when people are choosing surgery is that it leaves scars and it is invasive.  

When the spine is fused together it also loses its motion due to rods and screws being placed along the spine to correct its position. 




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Scoliosis Bracing in Tempe, AZ at Aligned Life Medical has been proven to be an effective way to improve the appearance of those that have

scoliosis.  A study called the BrAIST study was stopped because the effectiveness of bracing caused the majority of it's participants to avoid surgery. 


Traditional bracing has had mixed results but new 3-Dimensional overcorrective bracing allows a patient's scoliosis to move into

a new position.  It gives the spine the ability to move into a new space because of its initial design.  The brace is designed to 

give the body the potential to develop a new spinal alignment over time.  The brace is modified by the Doctor as the spine changes 

position so that the spine can continue to grow towards a normal position.




Aligned Life Medical performs Scoliosis Bracing in Tempe, AZ for infants, juveniles, adolescents, adults and the elderly that helps

improve appearances and creates a closer to normal spinal position for their patients.  

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