Scoliosis Care that Works in Tempe, AZ

Scoliosis Care that Works in Tempe, AZ

Aligned Life Medical with offices in Gilbert and Scottsdale is using Scoliosis Care that Works in Tempe, AZ. 



Scoliosis care works for individuals that have poor spinal alignment when looking at them from the front or the back.  A lot of times it goes unrecognized until the alignment has 

changed significantly.  There is an easy test you can do to determine the possibility that you may require Scoliosis Care that Works in Tempe, AZ.   

1.  Get a partner. 

2.  Have them stand behind you facing your spine. 

3.  Place your arms out in front of you with your hands in the praying position lined up evenly. 

4.  Bend forward at the waist and let your hands come within 12-24  inches off the ground. 

5.  Have your partner tell you if you have more rounding on one side of your spine than the other. (see image below)


The spine on the left looks more aligned than the spine on the right.  The spine on the right has grown curved and the ribs have started to change their growth 

characteristics.  This is a good indicator for scoliosis.  This can be measured and effectively managed using Scoliosis Care that Works in Tempe, AZ.  


The old methods of "wait and see" care with scoliosis have been shown to be less effective than newer more proven methods.  The "wait and see" approach will normally lead 

to surgery if a scoliosis is progressing.  Surgery can be avoided using scoliosis treatment methods like exercise and bracing which are customized to fit the needs of each 

individual patient.  Aligned Life Medical has a practice focused on helping people with scoliosis avoid pain and surgery.   

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