Scoliosis Care that works in Gilbert, AZ

Scoliosis Care that works in Gilbert, AZ

Scoliosis Care that works in Gilbert, AZ is available at Aligned Life.  Scoliosis is a progressing spinal problem.  When the spine starts to develop abnormal curvatures it can progress quickly to cause pain, dysfunction, weak posture and an altered appearance.  The stability of these curves can be improved with the correct care.  

The majority of practitioners have not have enough training in Scoliosis Care that works in Gilbert, AZ to be able to focus their practice on scoliosis monitoring and treatment.  Aligned Life has created a practice focused on helping people with scoliosis stabilize their spines using conservative methods that help people avoid surgeries.  


Surgery can straighten the spine and may be the only option for some but it is important, crucial that if your spine shows signs of losing its proper curvatures that you engage in care immediately.  Spinal curves can progress rapidly during the growth spurts of adolescence and over the age of 55.  During these phases it is recommended that patients are checked every 3-6 months if they are pre-teen or teenagers and 1 time per year if they are over the age of 55.

This practice alone helps people to remain proactive and engaged in Scoliosis Care that works in Gilbert, AZ.

Aligned Life is part of a large international network of physicians and health care providers that continue to study and use research to help people with scoliosis.  The approach is conservative which means that they are committed to helping people avoid surgery and use other methods to help stabilize spines with abnormal curvatures.  

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