Scoliosis Exercises in Chandler, AZ

Scoliosis Exercises in Chandler, AZ

Aligned Life Medical has a practice focus on Scoliosis Exercises in Chandler, AZ. Dr. Michael Banman has taken extra courses to learn the SEAS system.  Scientific Exercise Approach for Scoliosis has been researched in Milan, Italy by a group of Physicians who are committed to helping patients avoid surgeries. This is done by examining a persons scoliosis and determining accurate Scoliosis Exercises in Chandler, AZ for each patient.

Scoliosis can cause postural deformations and change the appearance of someone’s body because of multiple different shapes that the spine takes on.  If there is no resistance to how the spine grows then those curvatures will increase and the spinal joints will become less stable.  

Conservative management of scoliosis uses Scoliosis Exercises in Chandler, AZ and other rehabilitation adjuncts to help restore proper postures by corrective movements towards normal spinal positions. This may sound simple in concept but it is challenging in practice. Scoliosis tends to cause imbalance in the muscles that grow along the spine but it also changes nerve firing patterns and these must be physically corrected. Repetitive corrective exercises are a strategy that is used to help create posture corrections that not only become visible physically but also can stabilize curves on an x-ray. 


This is valuable because it can create better aesthetics and also help stabilize scoliosis curves. If you or someone you know has or suspects they have abnormal spinal curves please contact the office to receive the care you need. 



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