Scoliosis Pain Relief in Gilbert, AZ

Scoliosis Pain Relief in Gilbert, AZ

Scoliosis Pain Relief in Gilbert, AZ is available at Aligned Life Medical with locations in Tempe and Scottsdale. 

Pain from scoliosis occurs when muscles become unbalanced or over worked due to the curvatures in the spine. 

Conventional methods of treatment for pain relief do not always help create Scoliosis Pain Relief in Gilbert, AZ because of 

the imbalanced way that muscles grow along a curvature in the spine. 


Spinal muscles will be short and tight along the inside of a curve (concave side) and they will be stretched and weak on the 

outside of a curve (convex side).  If symmetric therapy - same therapy on both sides of the curve is performed then true correction

of the problem will not last long term.  



Scoliosis specific therapies will be most effective if they are prescribed using information from x rays of the curvatures.  Specific care should take

into consideration the details that are interpreted on the x rays to produce Scoliosis Pain Relief in Gilbert, AZ.


Scoliosis is not a generalized spinal concern.  Each person who suffers from pain due to scoliosis has a unique set of circumstances and must 

trained in how to appropriately manage their issues.  A good scoliosis exercise program like SEAS (scientific exercises approach for scoliosis)

can help relieve pain and give a person a life long strategy to continue to try to achieve postural correction.  


Each scoliosis is unique in how it responds to care and the staff at Aligned Life Medical have a focus on helping these individuals get the best care

possible for their scoliosis.  

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