Severe Pain and Regenerative Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ

Severe Pain and Regenerative Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ

There is a rise in Severe Pain and Regenerative Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ is being used more frequently before medications or surgeries are tried.  The current opiod and pain killer epidemic has caused medicine to re-evaluate traditional procedures like surgery because of the need for sometimes long and painful recoveries and rehabilitation that follow.  Regenerative therapies require very little recovery time, medication and reduced rehabilitation times for a number of different reasons.  


The mechanism that works for Severe Pain and Regenerative Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ has a lot to do with how regenerative products act in the inflammatory process of injury.  Inflammation specifically the hormones that cause inflammation may be the cause of up to 90 percent of the pain you feel in your lifetime.  It is critical to control inflammation as you age in order to reduce the amount of severe pain that you feel.  Regenerative Medicine is a boost to your system that fights severe pain.  Regenerative products contain many chemicals and cells that boost the body to fight inflammation.  

Treating Severe Pain and Regenerative Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ can be a very good experience because the procedure is an out patient 1-2 hour treatment.  A person can be injected and leave without being strongly medicated.  They can resume most of their normal activities of daily living within a short period of time depending on the nature and severity of their injuries or problems.  Also as an adjunct to severe pain after medical or surgical procedures regenerative medicine using products that boost the body's inflammatory process can help speed up the recovery process and the pain of these procedures.  

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