Stem Cell Paradise Valley, AZ

Stem Cell Paradise Valley, AZ

Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Paradise Valley, AZ is being used by patients to help with problems from pain or other conditions without using medications or surgery.  There has recently been a dramatic rise in the side effects from surgery and the addiction to opiod drugs that create a need for less aggressive treatment options.  Regenerative Medicine has been used in clinical settings since the beginning of the 1900's for wound healing.  As the science has progressed and the research on stem cells has increased it has become more common to see patients choosing this mode of care first versus orthopedic surgeries.  

Pain from orthopedic conditions and muscular or joint damage are very common procedures for Regenerative therapies and Stem Cell Paradise Valley, AZ.  Below is a list of commonly treated problems with regenerative products

1. Knee pain

2. Shoulder pain

3. Hip pain

4.Low back pain

5.Neck pain

6. Elbow pain

7. Ankle pain

8. Wrist pain

9. Hand pain

10. Foot pain


Regenerative Therapies and Stem Cell Paradise Valley, AZ requires a proper examination to determine if you are a good candidate for this type of care.  All procedures use diagnostic imaging to determine the potential for success of these therapies on the affected areas of the body.   You can book below to find out if you would qualify to improve your quality of life before using medication or surgery. (480) 314-2262

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