Stem Cell Procedures in Scottsdale, AZ

Stem Cell Procedures in Scottsdale, AZ

Regenerative Therapies and Stem Cell Procedures in Scottsdale, AZ are being performed for knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, back pain, neck pain, ankle pain, toe pain, wrist pain, elbow pain, finger pain and thumb pain.  Injections are also being performed to help the body address things like Morton's neuroma and carpal tunnel.  At the Wellness Center in Scottsdale, AZ you can see if you qualify for Regenerative and Stem cell procedures for your pain or condition.  


Inflammation is one of the biggest contributors to pain and Regenerative and Stem Cell Procedures in Scottsdale, AZ have a major effect on inflammation.  The products that are used for regenerative injections have a group of anti-inflammatory proteins called cytokines.  Cytokines work to modulate the body's immune response.  Injuries, traumas and degeneration like arthritis require a response by the body to control inflammation.  Inflammation modulators are an important part of the healing pathway.  Chronic pain and injury can be disabling because inflammation is not under control in the body.  


Regenerative and Stem Cell Procedures in Scottsdale, AZ have been used for more years than people are aware of but they are increasing in popularity because of their work on inflammation in the body.  Regenerative products are produced from to help those who desire to avoid drugs and surgery for their problems.  It is important to understand that the F_D_ A regulates the production of regenerative products but they are minimally manipulated in order to meet standards and regulations. 

Most people now know someone who has received regenerative injections and if you would like to consult with a health care practitioner about whether or not you qualify for this care call our office at (480) 314-2262. 

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