Stem Cells for Shoulder Pain in Scottsdale, AZ

Stem Cells for Shoulder Pain in Scottsdale, AZ

Regenerative products like Stem Cells for Shoulder Pain in Scottsdale, AZ are being used to help people who suffer from chronic pain and dysfunction. Regenerative products can include mesenchymal stem cells, amniotic products and exosomes.  They can also be harvested from your own blood in the form of PRP (platelet rich plasma). These products are injected into your problem are to impact the healing and metabolism in the area.  Chronic pain is often the result of joint breakdown and muscle weakness as a result of improper joint motion.  


Our doctor at the wellness center has recently had regenerative products that contained Stem Cells for Shoulder Pain in Scottsdale, AZ from years of rotator cuff and shoulder joint problems.  The shoulder is a complex joint which has attachments to the AC joint and scapula as well as the humerus and the ribs.  This can mean that there are many areas for the shoulder to breakdown and become painful.  The shoulder can be injected under ultrasound to visualize damaged cartilage and muscle tissue and give the body a new way to deal with the problems that have occurred over time.  


Rotator cuff injuries and arthritis are the most common reason that people get Regenerative injections with Stem Cells for Shoulder Pain in Scottsdale, AZ.  These pains can be recent or chronic.  The amazing thing about cellular therapies aka regenerative injections is that the products do not react differently for someone has had a longstanding problem compared to someone has had an recent trauma.  The regenerative product that can include stem cells will help the body at whatever stage of healing it is at.  Cellular therapies are often tried before drugs and surgery are used when people are looking to avoid the side effects of those treatments.  

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