The Best Brace for Scoliosis in Tempe, AZ

The Best Brace for Scoliosis in Tempe, AZ

The Best Brace for Scoliosis in Tempe, AZ is a question that many people with scoliosis ask everyday.  Because of the success of the Braist Study that showed that bracing for scoliosis actually allowed people to avoid surgery the frequency and popularity of bracing has increased substantially.  Bracing has been shown to be effective to help stabilize curvatures in scoliosis patients.  


The Best Brace for Scoliosis in Tempe, AZ is one that is 3-dimensional and over-corrective.  It allows the spine to move into a new position over time instead of just compressing the spine together.  The brace is custom designed using digital measurements and scanning.  This makes the brace tailored to the specific stabilization that is required for each individual scoliosis.  These braces use numerous accurate measurements to be designed and can also be adjusted over time as stabilization of the spine occurs.  

It is important when searching for The Best Brace for Scoliosis in Tempe, AZ that a thorough examination is performed to determine if your scoliosis is one that requires a brace.  There are other strategies to help scoliosis including things like scoliosis specific exercises, spinal rehab and remolding and chiropractic mirror image adjustments.  An examination for scoliosis should include a measurement of the ATR, X-rays of the curvatures and motion studies that show how stable or unstable the curvatures are.  


Aligned Life of Arizona has a practice focus on working to stabilize all spinal related complaints using techniques that promote correction of the spine with exercises, adjustments, traction and bracing.  

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