The Best Care for Scoliosis in Phoenix

The Best Care for Scoliosis in Phoenix

For years The Best Care for Scoliosis in Phoenix has been to watch and wait. This has proven to be ineffective and very costly for people with Scoliosis. 


“Scoliosis is something that can be detected quickly by people when they are looking at the correct postural clues” states Dr. Michael Banman of Aligned Life Medical. “ The Best Care for Scoliosis in Phoenix can only occur when Scoliosis is detected. At the SOSORT International Conference in San Francisco this year we learned that Scoliosis is reaching an alarming rate in adults because it is not something that people are looking for over the course of their lives.”

Scoliosis rates go from 3% in young people up to almost 50% in the adult population according to European researchers. 


“The spine problem quickly progress between the ages of 8 and 19 especially in females but young boys have been becoming more frequent patients in my clinic over the past 5-7 years.  This has been surprising but not as surprising as the number of older people we are treating for degenerative Scoliosis.”


Scoliosis screenings have been removed from most schools which has not helped prevent the detection and early intervention of Scoliosis.

The Best Care for Scoliosis in Phoenix at Aligned Life Medical involves SEAS exercises and potentially bracing.  A thorough exam is conducted to determine what the best type of care will be.

It is very exciting to see people determine their options because in the US surgery has been the common treatment of choice.  These new treatments for Scoliosis are helping people avoid surgery, improve their appearance and maintain great nerve function by stabilizing their Scoliosis.

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