The Importance of Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ

The Importance of Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ

The Importance of Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ is becoming more necessary as people realize that surgeries have long term consequences that may be undesired.  Scoliosis presents problems for children, adolescents and adults because the curvatures in the spine can increase and become less stable over time.  The spine is the structure stabilizes the entire body, it also houses the most important healing system, your central nervous system, which is responsible for all cellular healing and repair.  


When Scoliosis progresses we recognize The Importance of Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ because 4 things can happen:

1. Aesthetically a person's outward appearance can start to change dramatically.  There can be a rounding of the rib cage, a hunching of the back and twisting of the entire spine.  This can happen quickly and although in the past it has been seen in teenage girls it is more common to see boys and now all adults in the office dealing with this sort of problem. 

2. There are pain effects from the destabilization of the spine.  Painful muscles in the spine because of unequal growth on one side compared to the other is one issue but joints can start to lose their integrity and this will create nerves that fire pain regularly and chronically.  

3. Internal organs can be pushed on.  A test with a respirometer is used to demonstrate how the lung capacity is affected by scoliosis.  Those with abnormal spinal curvatures demonstrate less lung capacity. 

4.  Unstable curves will progress.   Unfortunately gravity continues to exert its forces on the spine and abnormal curves progress at 1-1.5 degrees per year over a lifetime.  


The Importance of Scoliosis Care in Gilbert, AZ extends beyond simple posture and appearance and it is important that you continue to be checked for unstable spinal curvatures throughout your life.  

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