Top Chiropractic in Gilbert, AZ

Top Chiropractic in Gilbert, AZ

Aligned Life Medical in Tempe, Scottsdale is bringing Top Chiropractic in Gilbert, AZ.


Chiropractic is effective for low back and neck pain relief but it is much more than that.  Chiropractic is one of the most effective tools that is available to help remove

problems with your spine's movement.  The biomechanics of your spine is what allows you to have proper range of motion throughout the day.  This motion is active when you 

are moving around.  Movement creates messages that are sent to the brain and allow it to communicate to the entire body through nerves.  At Aligned Life Medical the doctor uses

Top Chiropractic in Gilbert, AZ with methods that help a patient's spine regain it's proper motion to restore messages to the brain.  


The chiropractic adjustment that formed the profession was given to a man who was hard of hearing in 1895.  A practitioner named Dr. DD Palmer used gentle force to realign a 

joint in a janitor's neck who had been hard of hearing for many years.  After he performed "the adjustment" the janitor regained his hearing.  This led to much studying about how the spine

plays a major role in the function of the body.  Since that time chiropractic and chiropractors have agreed that when the spinal joints move away from their normal motion patterns that there 

is an impact on the exchange of information between the brain and the body. 


Top Chiropractic in Gilbert, AZ at Aligned Life Medical begins with the understanding that the brain has a God-given ability to heal and that when motion in the spine is good then the body

will work at its best.  Aligned Life Medical uses comprehensive evaluations to determine if your spine is moving the way it should.  

have adjusted millions of people and 

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