True Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ

True Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ

Is is important to seek out True Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ when you are looking to stabilize abnormal curvatures in your posture.  

The biggest reason that people seek out care for scoliosis is to improve their appearance.  It can be quite an obstacle physically, emotionally and mentally to overcome the effects of poor visual appearance.  Scoliosis occurs in younger people at a rate anywhere from 3-10% of the population but it increases to 40-50% of the adult population over 50 years of age.  The effects of scoliosis can be very apparent visually or they can be hidden.  This is where True Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ is important to seek out.  The consensus on conservative care for scoliosis can be found with an international group called SOSORT.  They focus on helping people with scoliosis avoid surgery and receive proven care for scoliosis.  


The doctor at Aligned Life Medical participates with a group of about only 400 doctors worldwide to be part of this group that is trying to help children, teenagers and adults with positive solutions for scoliosis that don't include surgery and drugs.  

The most positive way to deal with scoliosis is to create a plan that includes True Scoliosis Care in Tempe, AZ.  A plan for your scoliosis should include action steps with protocols like scoliosis specific exercises, a quality of life component, exercises to strengthen your spine specifically, X-ray evaluation of your spine if required, structural rehabilitation and possibly bracing in an orthosis.  


Dr. Banman of Aligned Life Medical would like to offer an opportunity for you to come in for a FREE consultation to start your plan of action for the year 2020.  

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