Pain Relief

Pain Relief

At Regenerate Scottsdale, we’ve helped many patients get relief from both acute and chronic pain and return to the daily routine that they love and miss so much. We accomplish this through treatment options that include regenerative medicine treatments, which help your body restore damaged tissue. If you've reached the point that it’s time to end your pain, stop taking medication to hide the pain and start getting real healing for your body, arrange an appointment today with Dr. Banman & Dr. Olsen and find out which treatment option is best suited to relieve your pain.

If your pain comes from a recent injury without muscle or ligament damage, perhaps your body is misaligned and spinal rehabilitation is what you need to find the relief that you seek. If your pain symptoms are from a more serious issue, like arthritis or a damaged ligament or muscle, regenerative medicine may be a more appropriate treatment option.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is a terrible condition to deal with. Dr. Banman & Dr. Olsen has experienced first hand the pain of a trauma to the knee when he tore his ACL, MCL, LCL, both the medial and lateral menisci, ruptured a muscle behind his knee and tore an important sheath connected to his MCL. His injured forced him to lay in bed for three weeks before he could hobble around on crutches.

Knee pain can be caused by trauma or by degeneration. Degenerative arthritis of the knee can be debilitating for millions of people as they age. Knee replacement surgery may be an option for you when your knee degenerates severely but the popularity of regenerative medicine has allowed many people new options.

Regenerate Scottsdale uses Umbilical cord tissue injections to help you with knee pain and dysfunction. PRP injections can also be used to help with healing time in knee joints.

Schedule your consultation to have the proper tests done for knee pain at the office. When the doctors determine what your specific condition requires you can proceed with the treatment that will be most effective for your knee pain.


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