Regenerative Therapy

What is Regenerative Therapy?

Regenerate Therapy is so exciting to us. The reason we want to help people is because we have had regenerative medicine ourselves.

Dr. Mike had a devastating knee injury while playing men's league basketball and tore the majority of the structures in his knee. He was told that he needed reconstructive knee surgery by several orthopedic surgeons. He chose to do a procedure with regenerative medicine and he avoided knee surgery. (see his story in the video).

Nancy has suffered from shoulder problems for many years. When she looked at her shoulders under ultrasound she discovered it was worse than she expected. Both her shoulders had torn rotator cuff muscles. Nancy has helped so many people receive regenerative injections but now it was her time to receive injections to help her body's innate healing ability recover and repair the damage to her shoulders and avoid shoulder surgery.

These stories had made us feel more empathy and sympathy for people who are suffering from problems with their joints like arthritis in the shoulders, arthritis in the knees, low back and neck, arthritis in the hands and fingers, and arthritis in the feet and toes. Dr. Mike has helped his parents and his mother-in-law with arthritic conditions. The results have allowed his parents to get many of their day-to-day activities back and get relief from their pain.

Regenerative medicine helps the body heal from trauma as Dr. Mike can attest with his knee injury and from built up problems like Nancy has seen. We want to help you relieve your pain naturally and help you and your family avoid surgery just like our family has avoided drugs and surgery.

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In our office we use Human Cellular Tissue Products (HCT/P) for some of our procedures. These allogenic tissue are approved by the FDA and are under much scrutiny so it is our goal to provide our families and our patients with the best possible source for their injections.

The FDA regulates these tissues through the American Association of Tissue Banks. We have personally toured the lab where the products come from and we are confident that the lab is doing its due diligence to not only remain compliant but to also attempt to provide the most up-to-date methods for gathering and producing HCT/P.

There have been very little symptoms or side effects from the procedures that are performed with HCT/P products worldwide. These regenerative medicine injections have been researched since the 1970's and there are over 7000 clinical trials going as of today to study all the exciting possibilities that regenerative medicine can offer.

Our ethics would never allow us to use aborted tissue or embryonic tissue for the regenerative medicine procedures we perform in our office.

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