What is Sciatica?

The painful condition called Sciatica causes much suffering. The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that exits the spine in your lower back at a number of different levels and combines to travel down your leg and into your foot. Sciatic pain can be caused by a few different factors. You suffer from Sciatic pain when a joint or several joints in your back have degenerated or lost their alignment, several muscles in your lower back or buttock are inflamed and put pressure on your sciatic nerve or nerve damage to the sciatic nerve itself. Sciatica can cause a feeling of pins and needles in your leg or foot and sometimes sciatica can cause your leg to become weak.

You can manage the pain of sciatica with exercise and rehab or pain relievers. The key to understand is that you are "managing the pain". Doctors may even recommend cortisone shots or surgery to help manage your pain. At Regenerate Scottsdale our goal is to help you truly heal from this condition and not simply manage the pain of sciatica.

Regenerate Scottsdale uses a number of different pain relief options to help sciatica. The goal for sciatic pain is to reactivate the body's ability to heal using the proper methods. Exercise and spinal rehab are used as well as regenerative medicine (stem cell) injections to create a better environment for your body to heal.

Our goal is to first find what is causing your sciatic pain. After an exam it may be determined that you require spinal adjustments or rehab, cryotherapy or regenerative injections. It will depend on where your problem is coming from, how long you have had the problem and how much trauma you have suffered to the nerve over the years. Arthritis is oftentimes treated at the same time as sciatica.

Regenerative medicine is regularly used at Regenerate Scottsdale to help those suffering from the pain and inflammation of Sciatica.

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